Brooke Ashley


Photo by:  Stephanie Marie

Photo by: Stephanie Marie

Personal Journey

My journey started the day I was born. From that day forward, my life became full of relationships. Relationships with my mother, my father, the first boy I kissed in daycare, friends, and distant family. Our lives are built on the relationships we've developed over time, the relationships we've witnessed growing up. I experienced divorce at the ripe age of 3 and although it's not fresh in my mind, everything that came after has affected who I am today. I watched friends date people who were all wrong for them, but they just couldn't see it. I found myself in my early 20s dating the exact person I didn't want to be with; someone who didn't respect me, didn't believe in me, and didn't encourage my growth or our growth as a couple. My story is long; it is full of hope and happiness, as well as heartache and confusion. Most of all though, it is full of love. 

My mission is simple:

to be love and to spread love... like wildfire.

Over the years I have learned so much about how to love myself more and how that affects literally every relationship I have! I've come to believe that relationships are less about "becoming one" and more about growing together, but separate. Understanding and knowing yourself on a deep level and then doing the same with another person; working as a team and acknowledging, as well as respecting each other's strengths and weaknesses. This is key to having a healthy, wildfire love. 

I am forever on a journey to learn more and love more.

Just as you are. 

Professional Bio

Brooke Ashley is a relationship/women's empowerment coach who works with individuals to re-ignite their love for themselves and their life.. She believes that self love comes before anything else in life and aims be a compassionate, heart-led guide to those seeking a love affair on the inside. Through conscious work on communication, trust, and exploration around what lights you up, Brooke is able to help clients make major breakthroughs and experience the life and love they've been dreaming of.

Brooke is certified by the International Coaching Association as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). She is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and also has her Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology from The Ohio State University. 



fun facts

  1. I have been skydiving 24 times! I recommend that everyone try it at least once!

  2. I live in Ohio with my boyfriend and four, yes FOUR, dogs. They are the loves of my life! ♥

  3. I am a little obsessed with emojis... Okay, I freaking love them!

  4. I am a certified yoga teacher!

  5. My lifelong dream is to own a horse. I'm pretty sure I've been asking for one since I exited my mother's womb, but no such luck yet. It will happen though!

  6. Breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day, besides ice cream. ;)

  7. I am a total homebody! There is really no place like home... curled up with a good book or binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix.

  8. Even numbers are my jam. Also, number 8 is my favorite, so we'll stop here. :)


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